Cognition of Adult Language Acquisition Lab (CoALA)

Cognition of Adult Language Acquisition Lab (CoALA)

Principal Investigator: Manuel Pulido

Graduate students: 

Tiffany Rodríguez Cruz

Undergraduate students: 

Enissa Ramos

Zeal Patel


The Cognition of Adult Language Acquisition Lab (CoALA) conducts research with the goal of understanding what helps learners of another language succeed. The lab uses experimental methods such as brain event-related potentials (ERPs) and eye-tracking, in connection with performance measures. Current projects address questions such as: What helps individuals acquire the language of a particular community of speakers? How do individual learners’ differences influence the type of input that is beneficial? What type of things are difficult but helpful for learning (and what do learners think about them)? If you are a graduate or undergraduate student interested in becoming involved in the lab, contact Dr. Manuel Pulido (