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Tiffany Rodríguez-Cruz

Tiffany Rodríguez-Cruz

Graduate Student of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
Office Address: 47 Burrowes, Cubicle 8 University Park , PA 16802


Tiffany is a third-year PhD student in the Spanish, Italian and Portuguese Department. Although her research interests are broad, Tiffany mainly focuses on language processing as studied using psycho/neurolinguistic methods. Recently, Tiffany has been working on the processing of inclusive language in English and Spanish using electroencephalography. Besides linguistics, Tiffany likes to sing, dance, and play video games.


  • Rodríguez Cruz, T., Acevedo Vélez, L.D., Román Irizarry, A. Ríos Ghigliotty, J.N.  (2019, October). Syntactic preferences in cases of code-switching by bilingual Puerto Rican college students of the UPRRP. In Prof. Nicholas Faraclas & Prof. Dannabang Kuwabong, Caribe Plurilingüe XIIIUniversity of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus, Instituto de Estudios del Caribe.



  • Rodríguez Cruz, T., Acevedo Vélez, L. D., Román Irizzary, A., & Ríos Ghigliotty, J. N. (2020). Preferencia sintáctica de alternancia de código en estudiantes universitarios bilingües puertorriqueños. In N. R. Faraclas, R. Severing, C. Weijer, E. Echteld, & W. Rutgers (Eds.), Negotiating Crosswinds: Trans-linguality, Trans-culturality and Trans-identification in the Greater Caribbean (pp. 197–208). Willemstad, Curaçao: University of Curaçao.


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