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Bilingualism Matters

Bilingualism Matters

Bilingualism Matters is an international organization founded by Dr. Antonella Sorace, one of our PIRE partners, at the University of Edinburgh ( Bilingualism Matters is dedicated to translating the results of bilingualism research to communities and institutions beyond academia with the purpose of promoting informed decisions regarding educational and public policy, and raising bilingual children.

In December 2014, the Center for Language Science became the first US chapter of Bilingualism Matters. Our branch works in partnership with various local organizations, including campus preschools, the Penn State Eberly College of Science Outreach Office, as well as teachers and administrators working in the local school district. Much of our work involves providing workshops and conducting activities that engage the general public in language science, and help promote decisions and practices informed by language research. To learn more about who we are and what we do, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or visit the People and Newsletter tabs in the navigation menu.