MultiMorph: Multilingual Morphology

MultiMorph: Multilingual Morphology

MultiMorph (Multilingual Morphology)

Mike Putnam (Penn State & University of Greenwich)
Joshua Bousquette (University of Georgia)
Robert Klosinski (Penn State)
David Natvig (University of Stavanger)
Richard Page (Penn State)
Ashley Pahis (Penn State)
Erin Pretorius (University of the Western Cape)
Katharina Schuhmann (University of Oldenburg)

Deborah Adeyeye (Penn State)
Jordan Hansen (Penn State)
Andrew Hoffman (Penn State)
Rose Fisher (Penn State)
Emmeline Wilson (Penn State)


The MultiMorph research group explores morphological structures and processes in multilingual populations. A general guiding theme we pursue in our collaborative research is to arrive at a better understanding of the properties of ‘words’. Our research group meets regularly (bi-monthly) in a hybrid in person/Zoom format where we offer trainings (e.g., ELAN, Praat, other software), discuss recent publications in the field, and host guest speakers.