Manuel Pulido-Azpíroz

Manuel Pulido-Azpíroz

Assistant Professor of Spanish and Linguistics




Cognition of Adult Language Acquisition Lab (CoALA)

Research interests:

  • Second language acquisition
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Lexicon, multiword units
  • Constructions
  • Linguistic generalization

The Cognition of Adult Language Acquisition Lab (CoALA) conducts research with the goal of understanding what helps learners of another language succeed. The lab uses experimental methods such as brain event-related potentials (ERPs) and eye-tracking, in connection with performance measures. Current projects address questions such as: What helps individuals acquire the language of a particular community of speakers? How do individual learners’ differences influence the type of input that is beneficial? What type of things are difficult but helpful for learning (and what do learners think about them)?

Research opportunities:

If you are a student interested in becoming involved in the lab, contact me by email (

Recent publications:

  • Pulido, Manuel F. (accepted). Why are multiword units hard to acquire for late L2 learners? Insights from cognitive science on adult learning, processing and retrieval. Linguistics Vanguard.
  • Pulido, Manuel F. (2021). Remapping variable subject position in Spanish intransitives: A proposal for functionally defined categories in motion verbs. Spanish in Context, 18.2.
  • Pulido, Manuel F. (2021). Individual chunking ability predicts efficient or shallow L2 processing: Eye-tracking evidence from multiword units in relative clauses. Frontiers in Psychology, 11, 4004.
  • Pulido, Manuel F. (2021). Native language inhibition predicts more successful second language learning: Evidence of two ERP pathways during learning. Neuropsychologia, 152, 107732.
  • Pulido, Manuel F., & Paola E. Dussias (2020). Desirable difficulties while learning collocations in a second language: Conditions that induce L1 interference improve learning. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 23(3), 652-667.
  • Pulido, Manuel F. & Paola E. Dussias (2019). The Neural Correlates of Conflict Detection and Resolution During Multiword Lexical Selection: Evidence from Bilinguals and Monolinguals. Brain Sciences, 9, 110.
  • Paola E. Dussias, Anne L. Beatty-Martínez, Michael A. Johns, Manuel F. Pulido (2019). “Sentence Processing in Monolingual and Bilingual Speakers”, Oxford Bibliographies, Oxford University Press.


Manuel  Pulido-Azpíroz