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Michele Diaz

Michele Diaz

Professor of Psychology, Linguistics, and Neuroscience
Director of Human Imaging, Social, Life, and Engineering Sciences Imaging Center (SLEIC)


Michele  Diaz


Research Interests: 
Language is a ubiquitous aspect of human life. Yet we are just beginning to understand the neural infrastructure that supports this complex social and cognitive function. Broadly, my research focuses on age-related differences in language. My lab has examined semantic and phonological aspects of language comprehension and production. Most recently we have been examining neural factors that contribute to age-related decline in language production. We investigate the relations between structural factors (i.e., white matter integrity), functional activations, and behavior.

Recent Publications (*indicates student collaborator):

Cosgrove, A.L.*, Beaty, R.E., Diaz, M.T., Kenett, Y.N. (In Press). Age differences in semantic network structure: acquiring knowledge shapes semantic memory. Psychology & Aging

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