Viktoriia Kishchak

Viktoriia Kishchak

Fulbright Scholar


Victoria Kishchak is a visiting Fulbright scholar from Ukraine. She recieved her Master’s Degree in Finances and Political Studies from Kiev-Mohila Academy in Kiev Ukraine and M.A. in Linguistics from Khreson State University, Ukraine. Her main research focus is mostly concerned with atypical language development in children, in particular dyslexia, bilingualism, L2 acquisition, as well as teaching methods and techniques in L2. During this academic year she will have a chance to gain experience with EEG/ERP techniques in the BilD lab. She will also learn more about the early reading intervention programs used in the education system of the U.S., such as RAVE-O, Orton-Gillingham and Wilson programs. In her free time she loves traveling, learning foreign languages and playing the piano.

Viktoriia  Kishchak