Sarah Grey

Sarah Grey

Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Spanish, Fordham University
Former Postdoctoral Fellow, Bilingualism and Language Development Lab (BiLD Lab)


Lab Affiliation: BiLD

Research interests:

Effects of context and individual variation on the neurocognition of language. In particular, auditory sentence processing in different speaker-listener social contexts; adult language acquisition in monolinguals and multilinguals in different learning (or instructional) contexts; the role of cognitive, affective, and psychosocial factors in behavioral and neural outcomes.

Recent publications:

Grey, S., Cosgrove, A.L, & van Hell, J.G. (2020). Faces with foreign accents: An ERP study of accented sentence comprehension. Neuropsychologia. 147, 107575.

Grant, A., Grey, S., & van Hell, J.G. (2020). Male fashionistas and female football fans: Gender stereotypes affect neurophysiological correlates of semantic processing during speech comprehension. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 53, 100876.

Grey, S. (2020). What can artificial languages reveal about morphosyntactic processing in bilinguals? Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 23(1), 81-86.

Grey, S. & Jackson, C.N. (2020). The effects of learners’ perceptions and affective factors on L2 outcomes. Canadian Modern Language Review, 76(1), 2-30.

Grey, S., Schubel, L.C., McQueen, J.M., & van Hell, J.G. (2020). Processing foreign-accented speech in a second language: Evidence from ERPs during sentence comprehension in bilinguals. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 22(5), 912-929.

Sarah  Grey