Navin Viswanathan

Navin Viswanathan

Associate Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders and Linguistics



Research Interests:
The question of how spoken language users overcome variability in communicative conditions such as noisy backgrounds, conversing with  a conversation partner with a different language background etc. fascinates me. I am especially interested in studying spoken language use (i.e. speech perception, production, and learning) under ecologically typical conditions. If any of this is also interesting to you and would like to discuss, please write to me: navin (at)


Recent Publications:

Olmstead, A. J., Viswanathan, N., Cowan, T., & Yang, K. (2021). Phonetic adaptation in interlocutors with mismatched language backgrounds: A case for a phonetic synergy account. Journal of Phonetics, 87, 101054.

Williams, B. T., & Viswanathan, N. (2020). The effects of target-masker sex mismatch on linguistic release from masking. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 148(4), 2006-2014.

Olmstead, A. J., Lee, J., & Viswanathan, N. (2020). The role of the speaker, the listener, and their joint contributions during communicative interactions: A tripartite view of intelligibility in individuals with dysarthria. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 63(4), 1106-1114.

Viswanathan, N., Olmstead, A. J., & Aivar, M. P. (2020). The Use of Vowel Length in Making Voicing Judgments by Native Listeners of English and Spanish: Implications for Rate Normalization. Language and speech, 63(2), 436-452.

Viswanathan, N. & Kokkinakis K (2019). Listening benefits in speech-in-speech recognition are altered under reverberant conditions. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 145(5), EL348-EL353.

Navin  Viswanathan