Mary Henderson

Mary Henderson

Junior Product Manager at LexCheck
Former CLS Lab Manager


Research Interests:

Aphasia; Inner-Speech, Ancient Language Acquisition; Multi-Orthography Biliteracy


Fama, M.E. Henderson, M.P., Turkeltaub, P.E., Snider, S., Hayward, W., Friedman, R. (Submitted for publication). Self-reported inner speech relates to phonological retrieval ability in people with aphasia. Consciousness and Cognition.

Fama, M.E., Snider, S.F., Henderson, M.P., Hayward, W., Friedman, R.B., Turkeltaub, P.E. (2019).  The Subjective Experience of Inner Speech in Aphasia Is a Meaningful Reflection of Lexical Retrieval. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 1-17.

Neng, W., Wenyu, Q., Whittington, J., Widtbrodt, B.C., Henderson, M.P., Goulding, E.H., Schenk, A.K., Bonesera, S.J., Ge, L., (2013). Assessing Smart Phones for Generating Life-Space Indicators. Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design40, 350-361.

Mary  Henderson