Marianne Dieck

Marianne Dieck

Facultad de Comunicaciones, Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín / Colombia



I have conducted two research projects on the morphosyntax of negation and the expression of reflexivity in the creole language of  Palenque de San Basilio, an Afro-Colombian community from the northern coast of Colombia. I am currently participating in a large research project that studies language variation and change in the Spanish spoken in Medellín through a sociolinguistic perspective. All my research projects have involved rural and urban field research and aim to contribute to descriptive linguistics and linguistic typology, in a country that is very rich in linguistic productions (besides Spanish there are 65 indigenous languages, two creole languages and a Colombian Sign Language), which have yet to be properly described. I am also directing three PhD thesis in the area of morphosyntax on the pronominal system of Wounan (Chocó), the case system of Wayu (Arawak), and on the noun category of LSC (Colombian Sign Language).

Selected Papers:

Dieck, Marianne (2011) “La época de formación de la lengua de Palenque: datos históricos y lingüísticos”. Forma y Función Vol. 24, No. 1, Universidad Nacional. ISSN 0120-338X.

Dieck, Marianne (2016) “¿Y qué más hace uno, pues?: La expresión de la impersonalidad en el español de Medellín”. Lingüística y Literatura 69 (Número en homenaje a José Joaquín Montes). Medellín: Universidad de Antioquia. ISSN: 0120-5587, ISSN-e: 2422-3174.

Marianne Dieck