Marc Authier

Marc Authier

Professor of French and Linguistics


Research Interests:
  • Syntactic theory
  • Syntax-semantics interface
  • Romance linguistics
Representative Publications:

Authier, J.-Marc. 2020. On the Comparative Analysis of French (ne)…que Exceptives. Probus. Published online ahead of Print.

Authier, J.-Marc and Lisa Reed. 2018. Symmetric reciprocal semantics as a predictor of partial control. Linguistic Inquiry 49:379-393

Authier, J.-M. 2016. Degree quantifiers, bare quantifiers and intensifiers in the midfield: A new look at quantification at a distance. Glossa 1 (1), p.15. DOI:

Authier, J.-M. & L. Haegeman. 2015. French adverbial clauses, rescue by ellipsis and the truncation versus intervention debate. Probus 27:33-71.

Authier, J.-M. 2014 Split quantification and the status of adjunction in the theory of grammar. Studia Linguistica 68:245-283.

Authier, J.M. and Haegeman L. 2014. No Such Thing as ’Parameterized Structural Deficiency‘ in the Left Periphery. In Joseph Emonds and Markéta Janebová (eds.), Olomouc Modern Language Series, Volume 3, Language Use and Linguistic Structure, (pp. 33-46) Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic.

Authier, J.M. 2011. A movement Analysis of French Modal Ellipsis. Probus 23(2). 175-216.

Marc  Authier