Lisa A. Reed

Lisa A. Reed

Professor of French and Linguistics


Research Interests:
  • Syntax
  • Semantics
Representative Publications:

Reed, L. Guest Editor, Special Issue on Theoretical Approaches to Romance Languages, Languages (ISSN 2226-471X). 2022.

Authier, M. and L. Reed. French ne…que Exceptives in Prepositional Contexts. In G. Alboiu and R. King (eds.) Points of Convergence in Romance Linguistics, John Benjamins Publishing, Amsterdam/Philadelphia, 2022, 163-175.

Reed, L., On Single and Two-Tiered Approaches to Control. Languages 5.4, 2020, 1-29.

Authier, J.-Marc, & Reed, L. A. Agreement and Pronouns: Implications for Partial Control. In I. Vogel (ed.), Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 16: Selected Papers from the 47th Symposium on Romance Languages Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2020, 19-35.

Reed, L. Further Implications of French “Devoir” and “Falloir” for Theories of Control and Modality. In D. Arteaga (ed.), Contributions of Romance Languages to Current Linguistic Theory, New York, NY: Springer Publishing, 2019, 65-89.

Reed, L., Against Control by Implicit Passive Agents. In L. Repetti and F. Ordóñez  (eds.) Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 14.John Benjamins Publishing, Amsterdam/Philadelphia. 2018, 279-292.

Authier, M. and L. Reed, Symmetric Reciprocal Semantics as a Predictor of Partial Control. Linguistic Inquiry 49.2, 2018, 379-393.

Reed, L. On Visser’s Effects, Control, and Weak Implicit Agents.University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics 24.1, 2018, 159-168. Accessible online

Reed, L. Strengthening the PRO Hypothesis. De Gruyter, Berlin, Germany, 2016.

Lisa A. Reed