Heike Wiese

Heike Wiese

Professor, Humboldt-University Berlin
Chair of German in Multilingual Contexts
Speaker of the Centre "Language in Urban Diversity"



Heike Wiese got her PhD in 1997 at Humboldt-University Berlin, and finished her habilitation in German and General Linguistics in 2003. She has held posts, as a visiting professor, at Yale University (Linguistics Department), and as a full professor at Potsdam University; since 2019, she is a professor at the Humboldt-University Berlin, where she holds a chair for German in Multilingual Contexts and is the speaker of the Centre “Language in Urban Diversity”. Her research interests focus on linguistic diversity, language variation and multilingualism, with a projects on the grammar-pragmatics interface and linguistic architecture, and on sociolinguistic patterns of discrimination and us/them dichotomies based on standard language ideologies and monolingual habitus. Her research includes new urban dialects in Northwestern Europe and Subsaharan Africa, and heritage language contexts in Germany, Namibia, and the US.

Heike  Wiese