Emmeline Wilson

Emmeline Wilson

Graduate Student in German Linguistics



Bachelor of Arts: Major in Linguistics, Major in German, Minor in Anthropology. San Diego State University, 2015


Emmeline Wilson is a PhD student in Language Science and German Linguistics. She graduated summa cum laude from San Diego State University with a BA that consisted of a double major in Linguistics and German, and a minor in Anthropology. At graduation, she was recognized as the ‘Outstanding Graduating Senior’ in both of her majors’ departments. Emmeline’s research interests include morphosyntactic theory, dialectal variation, and multilingualism, and she has a soft spot for the Swiss German and southern German dialects due to her time spent in St. Gallen, CH and Nuremberg, DE. She is a member of the Morphology Circle research group at Penn State. In the past, Emmeline has worked as a technical project manager for a communications agency and as a Fulbright English teaching assistant.
Research interests: morphosyntactic theory, syntax-phonology interface, dialectal variation, multilingualism