Cristóbal Lozano PhD

Cristóbal Lozano PhD

Associate Professor, University of Granada, Spain
Former Fullbright Visiting Scholar



Cristobal Lozano holds a BA in English Studies by the University of Granada (Spain), a Cert TESOL (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) by Trinity College London, an MA in Second Language Learning by University of Herfordshire (UK), and a PhD in Second Language Acquisition by the University of Essex (UK).


Research Interests:

Second Language Acquisition, Learner corpora, Syntax-discourse interface, Psycholinguistics.

Cristobal has published on several areas of learner corpora and second language acquisition, particularly on L2 English and L2 Spanish. He is the director of the CEDEL2 corpus (Corpus Escrito del Español L2). He is currently PI of a research project on bilingual’s acquisition of processing of anaphora resolution via the triangulation of corpus methods and experimental methods (ANACOREX).

Cristóbal Lozano