Cole Callen

Cole Callen

Postdoc at the Dept. of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences, University of Minnesota


I am a PhD candidate in Spanish (Linguistics) and Language Science at Penn State. I hold a B.A. in German Studies and Spanish from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, where I started research in language development and bilingualism as a McNair Scholar. My research interests lie in morphosyntax, linguistic variation, and language acquisition in monolingual and bilingual/heritage populations. My approach involves the use of both corpus-based and experimental methodologies to investigate these topics. I am especially interested in the study of language acquisition and variation from a cross-dialectal and cross-linguistic perspective, including research on varieties of Spanish, English, German, and Portuguese. My research objective is to apply knowledge of variability within and among monolingual varieties to research on bilingual/contact varieties. In doing so, we may understand better the variation that appears in bilingual grammars. 

Conference presentations: 

Callen, M. C. (2022, April 6–9). Variable production of differential object marking in bilingual heritage speakers of Spanish. [Conference presentation]. International Symposium on Monolingual and Bilingual Speech 2022, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, United States.


Callen, M. C., & Miller, K. (2022). Children’s acquisition of variable differential object marking in Spanish. In Y. Gong & F. Kpogo (Eds.), Proceedings of the 46th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development (pp. 76–89). Cascadilla Press.

Callen, M. C., & Miller, K. (2022). Linguistic variation in the acquisition of morphosyntax: Variable object marking in the speech of Mexican children and their caregivers. Language Learning and Development, 18(3), 310–323.

Cole  Callen