Anya Yu

Anya Yu



Research interests: bilingualism, emotional processing, and aging


Journal Publication:

Yu, A., Chen, M., Cherodath, S., Hung, D., Tzeng, O., Wu, D., (2018). Neuroimaging evidence for sensitivity to orthography-to-phonology conversion in native readers and foreign language learners of Chinese. Journal of Neurolinguistics,

Conference Poster Presentation:

  • Yu, A., Schloss, B., Hsu, C., Li, P. (August, 2018). Individual differences in text comprehension: a resting-state functional connectivity study. Society for the Neurobiology of Language (Quebec City, Canada).

  • Yu, A., Frost, R., Brice., H., Wu., D. (April, 2016). Sensitivity to regularity of combinatorial visual stimuli correlates with Chinese character recognition. Cognitive Neuroscience Society. (New York, NY).

  • Yu, A., Hsuan, E.-Y., Wu, D. (October, 2015). Characteristics of different visual statistical learning tasks: Evidence from native Taiwanese participants. Taiwan Psychology Association. (Taipei, Taiwan).

  • Yu, A., Wu, D. (June, 2015). Role of statistical learning and continued learning in determining L2 acquisition: Evidence from non-native Chinese learners. International Conference on Interdisciplinary Advances in Statistical. (San Sebastian, Spain)

  • Yu, A., Wu, D. (November, 2015). Bilingual advantage in inhibition control: Evidence from late Chinese-English bilinguals. The Psychonomic Society. (Long Beach, CA).

 Conference Symposium Presentation:

  • Yu, A., Wu, D. (January 2016). Feature combination of visual stimuli: Unveiling different aspects of statistical learning. Taiwan Society of Cognitive Neuroscience. (Taipei, Taiwan).

Anya  Yu