The CLS community presents at the 2015 Psychonomic Society

The CLS community presents at the 2015 Psychonomic Society

This year we had 12 members from the CLS community who presented their work at the Psychonomic Society's 56th Annual Meeting that was held November 19-22, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois:

Anne Beatty-Martinez: Code-Switching as a Tool to Elucidate the Relationship Between Language Production & Language Comprehension.

Caitlin Ting: Syntactic Processing in Music: The Role of Cognitive Control and Prior Experience With Language and Music.

Carla Fernández: How Switching Direction and Foreign Accented Speech Affect Listening to Code-Switched Sentences: An Electrophysiological Study.

Carrie Jackson: Learning Grammatical Gender in a New Language: The Impact of Prior Language Learning Experience at First Exposure.

Christian Navarro-Torres: Examining Structural Constraints in Spanish-English Bilingual Speech Production.

Gabriela Terrazas: On the Consequences of Bilingualism for Inhibitory Control.

Haoyun Zhang: Effect of 3-day Language Switching Training on Cognitive Control Mechanisms.

Kinsey Bice: Regulating the L1 Across Contexts to Investigate L2 Acquisition.

Patricia Román: Cognitive Processes Involved in Sentence Comprehension in Spanish/English Code-Switchers: An ERP Study.

Patricia Schempp: Grammatical Gender Violations Affect Cognate Nouns, but not Noncognates, in Intermediate-Level L2 Learners: An ERP Study.

Sarah Grey: Foreign Accented Speech and Sentence Comprehension in Bilinguals: An Electrophysiological Study.

Zofia Wodniecka: Dissociable Indices of Language Control in Bilingual Speech.

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