The Adele Miccio Travel Award

The Adele Miccio Travel Award

Our late colleague, Professor Adele Miccio, co-founder of the Center for Language Science, loved to travel and cared deeply for students. In her honor, the Center for Language Science sponsors a graduate student travel award. Although many graduate students attend professional conferences, it is often difficult in this context for them to meet and discuss their work with more senior scientists. Networking experiences are an important way in which individuals become known in the professional community, develop collaborative relationships, and arrange informal visits outside of professional meetings. Given the relatively short time frame of the tenure period, it is essential that individuals learn to make these connections to others in the field early in their careers. Therefore, the purpose of this award is to provide incentives for planned networking and resources for these experiences.

Applicants for the award will generate a plan for travel to meet with one or more senior scientists. In most cases, the applicant will visit the laboratory or working environment of the scientist. In some cases, the applicant will attend a conference or workshop where he/she can arrange meetings with one or more senior scientists. If meetings at a conference are proposed, the applicant must explain how there will be adequate time for meaningful private meetings in that context. After the travel plan is completed, the student will provide a brief written report of the experience, and will give a presentation at a CLS meeting to share the experience with other students. 

Attached you will find relevant information on previously funded projects and the necessary application materials should you choose to apply. 

Relevant Dates:

Deadline for submission:  November 20, 2017 by 5 pm.
Date of announcement of awards:  December 1, 2017
Period for using the award:  January 2018-June  2018
Deadline for submitting the final report:  no later than 6 weeks after returning from the funded trip
Date for CLS Presentation:  In the semester following receipt of the award

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Michael Putnam (), Matt Carlson (, or Chaleece Sandberg (