CLS Undergraduate Students – Apply for the Judith Kroll Research Award. Applications due February 28th

CLS Undergraduate Students – Apply for the Judith Kroll Research Award. Applications due February 28th

Judith Kroll Undergraduate Student Research Award

Purpose: To provide support for promising undergraduate students working with CLS faculty for A) travel to a national or international conference to present their research; OR B) expenses necessary for the completion of a research project (e.g., participant compensation, testing materials, recording media). The maximum amount available is $2500. 


Who: Undergraduate students who are engaged in research with a CLS faculty member are eligible to apply for support for that research, or for travel to a conference in order to make a presentation on that research. Because funds are limited, students who have been recipients of a Kroll award may not apply again.

When: Applicants may request support for expenses that have already been incurred within the current academic year (e.g. apply in Spring semester for expenses incurred in the preceding Fall semester) or for expenses that will be incurred in the coming year. However, funds cannot be awarded to students who have graduated (i.e., we cannot support travel to a conference in the summer for a student graduating the preceding spring). Also, funds cannot be disbursed to graduates. It is the applicant’s responsibility to plan ahead such that the expenses are incurred and can be reimbursed prior to graduation. 

Obligations of awardees:

a. Submit a one-page report on the networking experience and accomplished goals within one month of the experience to the Chair of the Travel Award Committee.

b. Give a presentation about your research at a CLS meeting before the end of the semester following of the experience.

Application process:

1. Cover sheet with the following information: Your name, department, address, phone, email address and the name of your faculty research supervisor.

2. Summary of research project - A 1-page, single-spaced, 12-point font summary of:

  • research question or hypothesis
  • why is this research important?
  • methods that were or will be used
  • predicted results 

3. Letter of support from your faculty research supervisor.

4. If applying for travel to a conference, provide evidence that your presentation has been accepted. We understand that at the time of application, notification of acceptance may not yet be received; however, proof that the paper was accepted (e.g., an email from the conference organizers indicating that the paper was accepted for a paper or a poster presentation) must accompany all receipts submitted for reimbursement.

5. A budget page showing the projected expenses. There is an upper limit of $2500 for the award.

  • For travel to a conference, expenses would typically include airfare (or other transportation), lodging, conference registration, and incidentals (taxi fare, meals, etc.).
  • Research expenses might include participant compensation, lab supplies, testing materials, small equipment such as a portable digital recorder, etc. 

If you and your supervisor have any questions about eligible expenses, contact the chair of the award committee.

6. A copy of your up-to-date CV.

7. A copy of your unofficial transcript or degree audit.

How to submit an application:

1. All applications should be submitted electronically to the Chair of the travel award committee at the email address shown below. All of the application materials should be submitted as an integrated single PDF file with materials in the order listed above and emailed to the committee chair as an attachment.

2. Questions may be addressed to the Chair of the Travel Award Committee.


Applications are due Thursday February 28, 2019.

Applications will be reviewed and award recipients will be notified within a 3 week period following the deadline.

Funds must be expended no later than the end of the Spring semester one year after the application process. (Airfare and conference registrations should typically be prepaid using a University purchasing card; see Heather Mann in 102 Moore Building).

If traveling outside the U.S., you must receive approval through the Travel Safety Network ( at least 30 days before traveling, and the TSN approval email must be submitted along with receipts in order to receive reimbursement. NO TSN, NO REIMBURSEMENT!


2019 Travel Award Committee Chair:  Carol Miller (