CLS support for graduate students attending language-science related conference

CLS support for graduate students attending language-science related conference

The CLS will be able to provide some support to graduate students who are attending a language-science related conference at which they are presenting research. This support will take the form of covering all or a portion of conference registration fees (NOTE: We do not have the resources to cover air travel, lodging, or meals. For those categories you are encouraged to talk to your research advisor and to seek funding within your department and college).

From now on, we will use a rolling deadline for applications to cover conference registration fees. Once you know your abstract has been accepted and you will attend the conference, you can submit your application. If you have submitted or plan to submit an abstract to a conference but don't have acceptance at this point, you can submit your request to us as pending and then you can update us once you hear from the conference organizers.

We will need a copy of the title and abstract of your talk or poster, with a clear listing of authorship on the presentation, a receipt for the registration that was paid, the official title and dates of the conference, and the URL for the conference website.  We cannot provide funds in advance of the conference, so this will have to be a reimbursement once you have traveled and presented your research. Please keep all original receipts related to the registration fees.

The ground rules:

1.  You must be a regular participant in the Friday CLS meetings and in CLS sponsored events (e.g., students who have participated actively in the sponsored poster sessions here will be given special consideration).

2.  The conference must be on a language-science related topic.

3.  If you are first author on a presentation (paper or poster), CLS will cover up to $300 of the conference registration fees.

4.  If you are a co-author, CLS will cover 75% of your conferences registration fees up to $225.

5.  Priority will be given to students who have not already been supported by these funds. 

Send your request to Heather Mann by e-mail (, but note that if we agree to cover your proposed fees, you will need to later submit the original receipt of your registration fee in hard copy to Heather Mann in 102 Moore Building.