Young Language Science Scholar Poster Session
March 29, 2018
4:00 pm

Young Language Science Scholar Poster Session


1. Neurocognitive Correlates of Child and Adult Syntactic Processing: Evidence from Classroom Second Language Learners. Abdollahi, Fatemeh; and van Hell, Janet G.

2. Lengua and Spanish: Is it code-switching? Which specific elements of language structure influence a bilingual’s perception of code-switching? Barnes, Rebecca; and Lipski, John 

3. Statistical Learning of Multiple Structures by 8-month-old Infants. Bulgarelli, Federica; Benitez, Viridiana; Saffran Jenny; Byers-Heinlein, Krista; and Weiss, Daniel J. 

4. Vowels in Palenquero. Cassiani Obeso, Estilita

5. The benefits of abstract word training on productive vocabulary knowledge among second language learners"  Carpenter, Erin; Sandberg, Chaleece; Jackson, Carrie; and Kerschen, Katherine 

6. Do faces affect foreign-accented speech comprehension in children? An ERP investigation. Cosgrove, Abigail, L.; Fernandez, Carla B.; Grey, Sarah; and van Hell, Janet G.

7. Deceiving appearances: When language contact has little impact on word order. Deibel, Isabel

 8. Auditory and visual word processing in child and adult second language learners: Electrophysiological and behavioral evidence of cross-language interaction.

Donnelly Adams, Katharine; Abdollahi, Fatemeh; Li, Ping; and Van Hell, Janet G.   

9. Prepositional phrase ambiguity resolution in Spanish-English school-age children. Echols, Lauren; Bajo, Teresa; Miller, Karen; and Dussias, Paola E.

10. Revisiting Asymmetric Switch Costs: A pupillometric approach. Johns, Michael A.; and Dussias, Paola E.

11. The Effect of Type of Instructional Input on the Acquisition of Translation-Ambiguous Words by Intermediate German L2 Learners. Kerschen, Katherine; and Jackson, Carrie N.

12. Maintaining phonological contrasts in Heritage Swiss German. Klosinski, Robert; and Hoffman, Andrew

13. When Adults Learn Novel Word with Meanings: the Role of Consolidation in Word Learning and Memory Retention. Liu, Yushuang; and van Hell, Janet G.

14. The effects of L1 variation on L2 perception. McAllister, Alex

15. The emphatic es construction in Spanish from Colombia: a variationist approach. Moya, Deyanira S.; and Puscama, Gabriela

16. Syntactic Priming Influences Comprehension Patterns in Spanish-English Codeswitchers. Mudry, Rhonda; Rodrigo, Laura; and Dussias, Paola E. 

17. When language learning is also about native language regulation: Training L1 interference inhibition improves learning of L2 word combinations. Pulido-Azpíroz, Manuel F.; and Dussias, Paola E.

18. Diphthong/hiatus resolution in L2 Spanish by native English speakers: A preliminary study. Puscama, Gabriela

19. Coping Strategies for Grammatical Case Loss in Heritage Speakers. Schwarz, Lara

20. Common constraints in motor and language planning. Schwob, Natalie; and Lebkuecher, Amy

21. Online and offline interpretation effects among L1 and L2 speakers. Shook, Neil; Jackson, Carrie N.; Hopp, Holger; and Brehm, Laurel

22. The prosodic-syntactic structure of intra-sentential multi-word code-switching in the New Mexico Spanish-English bilingual community. Steuck, Jonathan

23. What does do do for us? Periphrastic do in Kansas Plautdietsch. Vosburg, Nora

24. A Developmental Approach on Cross-Language Production in School-Aged L2 Learners. Yuro, Jaclyn; Abdollahi, Fatemeh; and van Hell, Janet G.

25. White Matter Integrity and Language Production in Aging. Winter, Sara B.; Rizio, Avery A.; and Diaz, Michele