Brain, Language, and Computation Lab

Brain, Language, and Computation Lab


Primary Investigator:
Ping Li

Postdoctoral Fellows:
Chun-Ting Hsu

Visiting Scholars:
Li Zheng Keke Yu

Graduate Students:
Jennifer Legault
Lindsey Ma
Benjamin Schloss
Anya Yu

Lab Manager:
Rose Yuratovac

Undergraduate Assistants:
Yumna Ahmed
Qiuqi Cong
Tanner Quiggle
Tyler Snider
Zixin Tang

In our laboratory we conduct research to understand the neural and computational bases of language representation and learning. Our research specifically addresses the questions of Neuroplasticity (e.g., how does language learning lead to experience-dependent brain changes?), Individual Differences (e.g., how does cognitive capacity impact learning success?), and Knowledge Representation (e.g., how does brain connectivity reflect knowledge and understanding?). Our approach focuses on the dynamic interactions in the learning-learner systems and the corresponding dynamic changes in the native and non-native cross-linguistic brains. To achieve our research goals, we rely on a variety of convergent behavioral, computational, and neuroimaging methodologies (e.g., cognitive testing, artificial neural network modeling, and functional magnetic resonance imaging). Our research has been generously supported by the National Science Foundation.