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Paola E. (Giuli) Dussias

Paola E. (Giuli) Dussias

Professor of Spanish, Linguistics and Psychology



Lab Affiliation: ISÍ (I see) Eye-tracking laboratory

Research Interests:

Psycholinguistics, bilingualism, sentence parsing, code-switching, second language acquisition

Research Opportunities:

The graduate students in my lab and I are always looking for motivated undergraduate students with an interest in language and bilingualism, who would like to gain research experience in data collection, data analysis, and experimental design. Announcements are posted on the 3rd floor in Burrowes Building, the 6th floor in Moore Building, and on the website of the Center for Language Science.

Recent Publications:

Guzzardo Tamargo, R. E., & Dussias, P. E. (2013). Processing of Spanish-English Code Switches by Late Bilinguals. Boston University Conference on Language Development. Cascadilla Press.

Gullifer, J., Kroll, J. F., & Dussias, P. E. (2013). When language switching has no apparent cost: Lexical access in sentence context. Frontiers in Psychology. 4, 1-13; doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2013.00278

Dussias, P. E., Valdés Kroff, J. R., Guzzardo Tamargo, R. E., & Gerfen, C. (2013). When gender and looking go hand in hand: Grammatical gender processing in L2 Spanish. Studies in Second Language Acquisition. 35, 353-387; doi:10.1017/S0272263112000915.

Dussias, P. E., Marful, A., Bajo, M. T., Gerfen, C. (2010). Usage frequencies of complement-taking verbs in Spanish and English: Data from Spanish monolinguals and Spanish-English bilinguals. Behavior & Research Methods.

Dussias, P. E. (2010). Uses of eyetracking data in second language sentence processing research. Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, 30,149 -166.

Dussias, P. E., & Piñar, P. (2010). Effects of reading span and plausibility in the reanalysis of wh-gaps by Chinese-English second language speakers. Second Language Research, 26, 443-472.

Hoshino, N., Dussias, P. E., & Kroll, J. K. (2010). Processing subject-verb agreement in a second language depends on proficiency. Bilingualism, Language and Cognition, 13, 87 -98.

Kroll, J. F., Gerfen, C., & Dussias, P. E. (2008). Laboratory designs and paradigms in psycholinguistics. In L. Wei and M. Moyer (Eds.), The Blackwell guide to research methods in bilingualism (pp.108-131) Cambridge, MA: Blackwell Publishers.

Dussias, P. E., & Cramer Scaltz, T. R. (2008).Spanish-English L2 speakers' use of subcategorization bias information in the resolution of temporary ambiguity during second language reading.Acta Psychologica, 128, 501-513.

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Dussias, P. E. (2003). Spanish-English code-mixing at the auxiliary phrase: Evidence from eye-movements.Revista Internacional de Lingüística Iberoamerican, 2, 7-34

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Dussias, P. E. (2001).Sentence Parsing in fluent Spanish-English bilinguals. In J. Nicol (Ed.), One Mind, Two languages: Bilingual Language Processing (pp.159-176). Cambridge: Blackwell.