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Rui Chaves

Rui Chaves

Associate Professor of Linguistics, University at Buffalo


Research Interests: 

Research focuses on the interaction between syntactic phenomena, semantics, pragmatics, and general cognition, in order to arrive at more comprehensive and psychologically plausible models of linguistic behavior. Main topics of interest include long-distance dependencies, extraposition, island phenomena, coordination, and ellipsis. Specializes on formally explicit construction-based theories of grammar, experimental syntax, and grammar implementation.

Recent Publications

Chaves, R. P. 2016 "Freezing as a probabilistic phenomenon"  Unpublished manuscript, pp.25

Chaves, R. P. 2014 "On the disunity of Right-Node Raising phenomena: extraposition, ellipsis, and deletion" Language, 90(4), 834–886.

Chaves, R. P. and J. E. Dery 2014 "Which subject islands will the acceptability of improve with repeated exposure?" In R. E. Santana-LaBarge (edt), 31st West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics, pp. 96–106. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Proceedings Project.

Chaves, R. P. 2013 "An expectation-based account of subject islands and parasitism" Journal of Linguistics, 49(2), pp. 285–327.

Chaves, R. P. 2012 "On the grammar of extraction and coordination" Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, 30(2), 465–512.

Chaves, R. P. 2012 "Conjunction, cumulation and respectively readings" Journal of Linguistics, 48(2), 297–344.