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Nicole Etter

Nicole Etter

Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders



  1. Dr. Etter completed her PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences from the University of Kentucky and a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Sydney. Dr. Etter’s work focuses on the use of somatosensory information (feelings of touch and relative locations of body parts) to carefully control production of speech. The overarching theme of this clinical research is to help adults with and without neurogenic speech disorders achieve clear, oral communication by developing new assessment and therapeutic interventions.


Lab Affilitation:

The Orofacial Physiology and Perceptual Analysis Lab (OPPAL)

Recent Publications:

Etter, NM, Van Meter, EM, & Andreatta, RD.  The Relationship between Labial Vibrotactile Detection and Pure-tone Hearing Threshold in Healthy, Aging Adults. International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology. Accepted 4/17/15

Etter, NM, Van Meter, EM, & Andreatta, RD. (2014).  Labial Vibrotactile Somatosensory Perception: A pilot study in healthy aging versus young adult participants. Percept Mot Skills. 118(2): 622-35.

Etter, NM, Stemple, JC, and Howell, DM.  (2013).  Defining the Lived Experience of Older Adults with Voice Disorders.  Journal of Voice. 27 (1): 61-67.

Danzl, M.M., Etter, N.M., Andreatta, R.D., & Kitzman, P.H.  (2012).  Facilitating Neurorehabilitation through Principles of Engagement. Journal of Allied Health. 41 (1): 35-41.

Etter, N.M. (2010). What have we learned from physiological approaches to characterizing dysarthrias and other speech production disorders. Perspectives: Speech Science and Orofacial Disorders, 20(2) 25-54.