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You are here: Home / News & Events / CLS Speaker Series / Fall 2007 - Fall 2020 / Spring 2012

Spring 2012

January 13 - Richard Page (Penn State, German and Linguistics) Exceptionality and Open Syllable Lengthening in West Germanic

January 20 - Young Language Science Scholar Event: Kara Morgan-Short (University of Illinois at Chicago) External and internal factors and their interactions in adult second language acquisition


David A. Rosenbaum
Department of Psychology
Penn State University

February 3 - Katharine Donnelly Adams (Penn State, Psychology)The importance of multi-dimensional reading interventions in addressing the summer reading gap

February 10 - John Lipski (Penn State, Spanish and Linguistics)How many “grammars” per “language”?: mapping the psycholinguistic boundaries between Spanish and Palenquero

February 17 - Karsten Steinhauer (McGill University)On syntax, brain potentials and critical periods in L2: Facts and myths

February 24 - Alvaro Villegas (Penn State, Spanish)L2 online processing of the Spanish verb mood

March 2 - Aroline Seibert Hanson (Penn State, Spanish): Working memory effects on L2 processing of Spanish clitics

March 9 - No talk: Spring Break

March 16 - Mike Putnam (Penn State, German) and Joe Salmons (University of Wisconsin-Madison): Morphosyntactic issues in Heritage German

March 23 - Shana Poplack (University of Ottawa): Borrowing vs. code-switching in diachronic perspective

March 30: - Hiram Smith (Penn State, Spanish): Habitual marking in Palenquero creole?

April 6 - Keith Johnson (University of California, Berkeley): Two studies on compensation for coarticulation

April 13 - No talk.


April 20 - Tim Poepsel (Penn State, Psychology): Is Steve gayer than Dave: the role of /s/ in cueing the stereotype of gay sounding male speech.

April 27 - Lauren Perotti (Penn State, Spanish): Grammatical gender processing in L2 speakers of Spanish: Does cognate status help?