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You are here: Home / News & Events / CLS Speaker Series / Fall 2007 - Fall 2020 / Spring 2011

Spring 2011

Jan 14 - Second Annual Young Language Science Scholar:  Anna Papafragou (University of Delaware)Spatial Language and Spatial Representation

Jan 21 - Mike Putnam (Penn State, German)The Syntax and Semantics of Excessivity: Evidence from Germanic

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Jan 28 - Rhonda McClain (Penn State, Psychology)Using translation as a means to test models of bilingual production

Feb 4 - Eleonora Rossi (Penn State, Psychology)Second language learners are not native speakers but they process some aspects of the syntax as if they were: Evidence from behavioral and ERP data

Feb 11 - Amelia Dietrich (Penn State, Spanish)"Suto hablamos asina": A description of the patterns of code-switching in San Basilio de Palenque, Colombia

Feb 18 - Colleen Balukas (Penn State, Spanish)Late Negation in Palenquero Creole: Predictable from Prosody?

*Feb 21 & 22 - Teresa Bajo (Granada) and Sonja Kotz (Leipzig)

*Feb 23 - PIRE partner symposium and CLS graduate and undergraduate students poster session

Feb 25 - No regular CLS meeting

Mar 4 - Emily Coderre, Walter J.B. van Heuven & Kathy Conklin (University of Nottingham) - video conference:Automaticity and Speed of Lexical Processing in the First and Second Language

Mar 11 - No regular CLS Meeting (Spring Break)

Mar 18 - Michele Diaz (Duke University): The influence of novelty and context on hemispheric recruitment in processing metaphors

Mar 25 - Jason Gullifer (Penn State, Psychology): The effect of syntactic constraints on parallel activation of words in the bilingual’s two languages 

Apr 1 - Tim Poepsel & Dan Weiss (Penn State, Psychology)Keeping it in context: statistical learning, mutual exclusivity and the problem of learning words

Apr 8 - Laurie Feldman (SUNY Albany): Morphological and form priming in L1 and L2: How do they differ?

Apr 15 - Trace Poll (Penn State, CSD)Exploring the role of argumenthood in sentence processing

Apr 22 - Yolanda Gordillo (Penn State, Spanish): What can Adpositions tell us about ‘Media Lengua’? 

Apr 29 - Ricardo Otheguy (CUNY Graduate Center): Contact, leveling, and continuity in Spanish in New York