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Spring 2009

Jan 15 - Karen Emmorey (SDSU) - The Psycholinguistic and Neural Consequences of Bimodal Bilingualism

Jan 23 - Dan Weiss (Penn State) - Statistical Learning and the Curse of Dimensionality

Jan 30 - Susan Strauss (Penn State) - From vision to experience to cognition: A discourse-analytic study of the Korean verb pota 'to see' -- [work in progress]

Feb 6 - Anna Engels (Penn State) - Some SLIC Stuff: Nuts and Bolts and Strong Magnetic Fields

Feb 13 - Jon-Fan Hu (Penn State) - Labels can override perceptual categories in early infancy: experimental and simulation studies

Feb 20 - Jorge Valdes (Penn State) - Language-internal and Language-external processes in the formation of spatial prepositions in Papiamentu

Feb 27 - David Counselman (Penn State) - Improving the Efficiency of Pronunciation Training in the L2 Classroom

March 20 - Carrie Jackson (Penn State) - Does the L1 make a difference in how learners process L2 sentences?

March 27 - Swathi Kiran (Boston University)Bilingual Aphasia: Neural substrates, Cognitive Control and Rehabilitation 

April 3 - Eleonora Rossi (Penn State) The processing of clitic pronouns in L1 Spanish and L1 English L2 learners of Spanish

April 10 - K. Allen Davis (Penn State)

April 17 - Pierluigi Cuzzolin (University of Bergamo and Penn State) My dad's stronger than your dad, or, how languages make comparisons

April 24 - Arturo Hernandez (U of Houston) - Age of acquisition, language proficiency and the bilingual brain

Nadine Martin (Temple U) - Temporal components of language processing: Implications for models of verbal STM, aphasia and treatment of language disorders.

May 1 - Rosa Guzzardo (Penn State) Spanish-English code-switching at the auxiliary phrase: An eye-tracking study