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You are here: Home / News & Events / CLS Speaker Series / Fall 2007 - Fall 2020 / Spring 2008

Spring 2008

Jan 25 - Chip Gerfen (Penn State, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese) - One language, two phonologies: a first look at processing in Andalusian Spanish

Feb 8 - Jason Gullifer (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) - Processing Reverse Sluicing: A contrast with processing filler-gap dependencies

Feb 15 - David Rosenbaum (Penn State University, Psychology) - Action planning and language planning

Feb 21 - Ping Li (Penn State) - Lexicon as a Dynamical System - Neural and Computational Mechanisms

Feb 22 - Carrie Jackson (Penn State University, German and Linguistics) - The processing of wh-questions in Dutch-English bilinguals

March 7 - Anat Prior (Carnegie Mellon University) - The bilingual advantage in executive control: Beyond spatial attention. 

March 17 - Kathy Midgley (Tufts and Université d'Aix-Marseille) - Masked Repetition and Translation Priming in Second Language Learners: A Window on the Time-Course of Form and Meaning Activation using ERPs 

March 21 - Helena Ruf (University of Wisconsin-Madison) - Syntactic priming of word order among native and non-native speakers of German

March 24 - Laurence Leonard (Purdue University) - Variability in the Use of Tense and Agreement Morphology by Children with Specific Language Impairment: A Crosslinguistic Perspective. 

March 28 - Philip Baldi (Penn State University, Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies) - What do historical linguists do and how is it relevant to cognitive linguistics?

April 4 - Richard Page (Penn State University, German and Linguistics) - The gender of English loanwords in Pennsylvania German

April 7 - Natasha Tokowicz (University of Pittsburgh) - Two is not better than one: The consequences of multiple translation equivalents for processing and learning

April 8 - Natasha Tokowicz (University of Pittsburgh) - Using hierarchical regression analyses in psycholinguistic investigations: A mini-tutorial

April 11 - Ann Bradlow (Northwestern University) - Bi-directional talker-listener adaptation in speech communication 

April 18 - Susan Bobb (Penn State University, Psychology) - The Processing of Grammatical Gender in Simple German Nouns by Second Language Learners

April 25 - Giuli Dussias (Penn State University, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese) - Grammatical gender is processing Spanish-English code-switches: A visual world study

May 2 - Taomei Guo (Penn State University, Psychology) - Processing noun plurality in sentences using ERPs