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Fall 2013

August 30 - No CLS Meeting 

September 6 - Melinda Fricke (UC Berkeley, Department of Linguistics) Language in Time: Phonetic Duration and the Sequential Nature of Phonological Encoding

September 13 - Ashley Roccamo (Penn State, Department of German) Is Earlier Really Better? Comparing the Effectiveness of Pronunciation Training for Beginner and Intermediate Learners

September 20 - Merel Keijzer (University of Utrecht) Cognitive and Language Control in Aging Dutch-English Late Bilinguals and Dutch Bilectals

September 27 - Adele Goldberg (Princeton, Psychology) Explain me something: how we learn what not to say

October 4 - MaryEllen MacDonald (UW-Madison, Psychology) We Reap What We Sow: The Cascading Effects of Language Production on the Nature of Language and its Comprehension

October 11 - David Green (University College London, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences) Language control

October 18 - Fred Genesee (McGill University, Psychology) Myths and Misunderstandings about Dual Language Acquisition in Young Learners

October 25 - Ben Zinszer (Penn State, Psychology) Age of L2 Onset and Left MTG Specialization for L1 Lexical Tones

November 1 - PIRE undergraduate presentations 

November 8 - Greg Guy (NYU, Linguistics) The Role of Lexical Frequency in Linguistic Variation

November 15 - No CLS Meeting 

November 22 - Tamara Swaab (UC Davis, Psychology) Understanding Individual Differences in Language Comprehension

November 29 - No CLS Meeting 

December 6 - Megan Zirnstein (Penn State, Psychology) Investigating Semantic Prediction in Second Language Processing

December 13 - Angela Grant (Penn State, Psychology) Working hard really does pay off: An fMRI investigation of lexical access in L2 learners

December 20 - Weekly CLS Meeting 

December 27 - Weekly CLS Meeting