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Fall 2012

August 31 - Patricia Román (Penn State, Spanish and Linguistics) The Nature of Non-intentional Inhibition in Memory and Language

September 7 - Courtney Johnson-Fowler (Penn State, German and Linguistics) Learning and using grammatical gender in L2 German: results from two experiments

September 14 - Gary Dell (University of Illinois) What Freud Got Right About Speech Errors

September 21 - Tamar Gollan (University of California, San Diego) Bilingualism in Aging & Dementia: Evidence for Language-Specific Control Mechanisms

September 28 - No talk: The Third Workshop on Immigrant Languages in America at Penn State

October 5 - Edith Kaan (University of Florida) Investigating first-language effects in second-language sentence processing

October 12 - Maria Polinsky (Harvard) Learning from heritage languages

October 19 - No talk: The 31st Second Language Research Forum in Pittsburgh

October 26 - No talk: No regular CLS meeting (Mental Lexicon Conference in Montreal and Hispanic Linguistics Symposium)

November 2 - PIRE Undergraduate Student Research Presentations

November 9 - Ben Zinzser (PSU, Psychology) Effects of language switching on statistical learning in speech segmentation

November 16 - Nick Henry (PSU, German and Linguistics) Effects of language switching on statistical learning in speech segmentation

November 23 - No talk: Thanksgiving Break

November 30 - Giulia Togato (University of Granada, Psychology)

December 7 - Mike Putnam & John Lipski (PSU, German and Spanish


December 14 - Roxana Botezatu (PSU, Communication Sciense and Disorders) An electrophysiological study of bilinguals’ reading strategy transfer: The contribution of spelling-sound consistency and orthographic similarity to the activation of phonology