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Fall 2011

August 26 - Darren Tanner (Penn State, Linguistics) ERP and reaction time evidence for comprehension/production asymmetries in agreement processing

September 2 - Paula Fikkert (Radboud University Nijmegen) Learning sounds and words: Evidence from children’s perception and production

September 9 - Natasha Tokowicz (University of Pittsburgh)The Consequences of Translation Ambiguity

September 16 - Josef Fruehwald (University of Pennsylvania)Using Speech Community Data as Phonological Evidence

September 23 - PIRE Undergrad Presentations

October 7 - Phil Baldi (Penn State, Linguistics and CAMS)Rethinking the shift from fusional to isolating typology: structural, pragmatic and sociolinguistic dimensions*

October 14 - Jorge Valdes Kroff (Penn State, Spanish)The Benefits of Networking: Expanding Statistical Analyses and Piloting an ERP Study

Ashley Roccamo (Penn State, German)Can Motivation Influence the Perception and Production of German Front-Rounded Vowels?

October 21 - Emily Coderre (University of Nottingham): Exploring the Cognitive Effects of Bilingualism: Neuroimaging Investigations of Lexical Processing, Executive Control and the Bilingual Advantage

October 28 - Ben Zinszer (Penn State, Psychology) and Jason Gullifer (Penn State, Psychology)

November 4 - Roxana Botezatu (Penn State, CSD): Do bilinguals transfer spelling-sound consistency expectations from a shallow L1 when reading in a deep L2? An ERP investigation

November 11 - Eleonora Rossi (Penn State, Psychology): Merging ERPs and fMRI data: a combined approach to bilingual language processing

Thursday, November 17: 4:00 PM, Berg Auditorium - Special CLS Lecture: Ellen Bialystok (York University): Reshaping the Mind: The Benefits of Bilingualism

November 18 - No official CLS meeting but we will use this time in conjunction with Ellen Bialystok's visit

December 2 - Mark Seidenberg (University of Wisconsin- Madison): LANGUAGE LEARNING, PLASTICITY, AND THE "ACHIEVEMENT GAP"

December 9 - Roger Boada (University Rovira i Virgili): Translation ambiguity between Spanish and Catalan: preliminary results