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Fall 2009

Aug 28 - Chip Gerfen (Penn State) - Evidence for inhibition in native language production during immersion in the second language

Sept 4 - No Meeting - Labor Day weekend

Sept 11 - Eleonora Rossi (Penn State) - The time course of clitic pronouns processing: Revisiting an ERP study

Sept 18 - Roxana Botezatu (Penn State)Noun Phrase Number and Gender Agreement in Spanish-English Bilingual Preschoolers

Sept 25 - Maria Cruz Martin (University of Granada)Inhibitory processes in bilingual language processing: Time course of inhibition and electrophysiological correlates

Oct 2 (Moore 254)- Keith Nelson (Penn State) - The Language Acquisition Rollercoaster: Observations From Diverse Methodologies and Learner Groups on Why Children Sometimes Slow Down and Sometimes Speed Along in Acquisition

Oct 9 - Arthur Wendorf (Penn State) - Fluency, Speech Rate and Oral Exams

Oct 16 - Rena Torres Cacoullos (Penn State) - Yo and I in New Mexico: Accounting for variation in evaluating convergence via code-switching

Oct 23 - Trace Poll (Penn State) - Precursors to Specific Language Impairment: Late and Typical Language Emergence

Oct 30 - John M. Lipski (Penn State) "Re-mixing a mixed language: the emergence of a new pronominal system in Chabacano (Philippine Creole Spanish)"

Nov 6 - Giuli Dussias (Penn State) - Usage frequencies of complement-taking verbs in Spanish and English: Data from Spanish monolinguals and Spanish-English L2 speakers

Nov 13 - David Counselman (Penn State) Perception or Production? Improving Students’ Spanish Pronunciation in the L2 Classroom

Nov 20 - Evelyn Duran Urrea (Penn State) The syntax and prosody of code-switching in New Mexican Spanish-English Discourse

Nov 27 - No Meeting - Thanksgiving

Dec 4 - Janet Van Hell (Penn State & Radboud University) - Cross-language interaction and transfer is sign-speech bilinguals

Dec 11 - Jing Yang (HKU)The role of phonological working memory in Chinese reading development: Behavioral and fMRI evidence