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Fall 2008

Aug 29 - Jill Morford (University of New Mexico) - Cross-language activation in ASL-English bilinguals

Sept 12 - Matt Goldrick (Northwestern) - Non-discrete selection: Consequences for mono- and multilingual phonetic processing

Sept 19 - Janet van Hell (Penn State & Nijmegen) - Lexical and syntactic processing in bilinguals at different L2 proficiency levels: ERP and behavioral evidence

Sept 26 - Ping Li (Penn State) Lexical organization and representation in the bilingual brain

Oct 3 - Barbara Malt (Lehigh) - Cross-Linguistic Diversity and the Development of the Bilingual Lexicon

Oct 10 - Pilar Pinar (Penn State and Gallaudet) - The phonological enemy effect in deaf learners of Spanish as an L3

Oct 17 - Brian MacWhinney (Carnegie Mellon University) – A Unified Model for First and Second Language Acquisition: An Alternative to Critical Periods

Oct 31 - Inés Antón-Méndez (Utrecht) Second language speakers and the art of turning thoughts into sentences.

Nov 7 - Taomei Guo (Penn State) An electrophysiological investigation of reading words in a second language

Nov 19 – Marianne Gullberg (MPI Nijmegen) - The development of verb meaning in first and second language acquisition: Talking and gesturing about placement

Nov 20 - Margaret Deuchar (Bangor) - Overcoming incommensurability in theories of code-switching

Nov 21 - Eleanora Rossi (Penn State) - Clitic production in italian agrammatism

Dec 5 - Marijt Witteman (Nijmegen) - Lexical and contextual factors in code-switching. A behavioral and (neuro)cognitive study

Dec10 – Laurie Stowe (Groningen) Long Distance Dependencies: Beyond WH-Movement

Dec 12 - Maya Misra (Penn State) Electrophysiological evidence for complex interactions between orthography and phonology during reading