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Newsletter Working Group

Newsletter Working Group

We publish a newsletter twice a year (summer/fall issue and winter/spring issue). For each issue, we have a new team of authors and topics range from research in bilingualism to language learning tips and fun facts.

In the spring/summer 2016 newsletter, we present some language learning tips, research on what it means to think bilingually, and assessment strategies for bilingual children at school age.

In our fall 2016 newsletter, we talk about how to keep your home language alive, how listening to and speaking two languages shape white matter in the brain, and we address some common myths about bilingualism.

The spring/summer 2017 newsletter is themed “cognates”, i.e. words that have a similar form and meaning across languages, like “music” in English and “Musik” in German. We summarize research on what cognates reveal about the minds of bilinguals, and what they tell us about linguistic ancestries.

The latest issue from fall/winter 2018 explores topics of “Languages in Pennsylvania”. We present information on the linguistic landscape of Pennsylvania, discuss language variation within English vowels, and tell you the etymology of some Pennsylvanian place names.

You can find our current and previous newsletters as an online version here.

The team for the current newsletter issue for spring/summer 2018 is:

Grant M. Berry
Grant Berry
Lindsey Chandler
Michael  Johns
Michael Johns
Lena  Kremin
Lena Kremin
Amy  Lebkuecher
Amy Lebkuecher
Manuel  Pulido-Azpíroz
Manuel Pulido-Azpiroz
Nora  Hellmold Vosburg
Nora Vosburg