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Bilectalism Outreach Working Group

Bilectalism Outreach Working Group

Many people see themselves as monolingual speakers, but “monolingual” doesn’t necessarily mean “the same language for all speakers”. There is actually a lot of variation even within one language. In that sense, e.g. a monolingual English speaker in the United States deals with many different forms of English on an every day base. “Bilectalism” refers to a situation when people speak two or more varieties of the same language.

If you’re interested in reading more about the linguistic diversity in the United States, visit the Language and Life Project website from the North Carolina State University.

In the Bilectalism Outreach working group, we meet to create new activities on bilectalism phenomena that are used for outreach events from Bilingualism Matters such as Exploration U, or the Children’s day at the Central PA Arts Fest.

The current members in this working group are:

Katharine Donnelly Adams
Katherine Donnelly Adams
Frances  Blanchette
Frances Blanchette
Hyoun-A  Joo
Hyoun-A Joo
Adrianna  Shevlin
Adrianna Shevlin
Katy VanAmburg